We started in down and feather more than 100 years ago and we continue to lead in quality and innovation today. We can supply any quality or grade of down, as well as innovative blends featuring natural products such as wool. Our rigorous product testing, quality assurance processes, and strict supply-chain standards guarantee that every shipment is up to our customer's expectations, and exact technical performance specifications.
Innovation & Sustainability
Downlite is a leader in traceability practices, setting numerous welfare and responsibility standards across the industry. Ethical and sustainable business practices have been at the core of our business since its inception. our industry-first Down-trac™ service enables full tracking and documentation of every lot we produce. Every lot is tested at least twice by our internal IDFL-certified lab.
Traceability & Transparency
Corporate social and environmental responsibility matters to today's consumers, and without complete transparency, any efforts to give back can easily be mistaken for, or come across as a marketing ploy. With Down-trac®™ we are able to demonstrate and prove to consumers that they are truly making a change by choosing you. Each lot of down & feather we produce receives a unique identifier at each stage of the process. These are combined into a final Lot # when the material is readied per a brand’s requirements. Down-trac®™ is our exclusive free-to-use system where to find test results, origin, and more. All information is consolidated based on 3rd party traceability audits and testing.
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