Traceable Down Certification

Wondering if sourcing certified traceable down is the right choice for your company? Ask yourself:

  • Are key stakeholders inside or outside my company asking for it?
  • Are animal welfare groups or NGO's encouraging my customers to demand it?
  • Are competitors touting claims that are forcing me to also disclose our down sourcing practices?
  • Have you had a negative experience with down materials that were not traceable?
  • Does my supply chain have the capability and ethical culture to document it?
  • Did you answer "YES" to any of the questions above? If pursuing down certification is in your company‚Äôs future, know that you do have options.

    To learn more, contact Lindsay Parrish, VP of Sales - Outdoor via email at or by calling 513-229-3696. We will help you navigate through all the fluff to find the certification program that's just right for you and your customers with a fair and balanced perspective, and unmatched expertise.