With 100 years of down processing experience, Ohio based Downlite is a trusted partner to many of the most recognizable apparel brands and retailers in the outdoor industry. A leader in down traceability and transparency throughout their global supply chain, Downlite has also pioneered breakthrough innovation and performance down technologies. Family owned and operated, Downlite places an emphasis on customer relationships achieved through unbeatable quality, flexibility and unmatched service. We invite you to learn more.

The Evolution of Comfort

  • The sourcing of high quality down and feathers begins with long-term and trusted relationships between experienced buyers and established suppliers. Downlite’s suppliers are all over the world, with the majority of the raw materials coming from Europe, Asia and the USA. Each of these countries supplies us with different kinds of fills to meet specific client needs and performance requirements.
  • Downlite’s humane sourcing begins with the selection of down and feathers that are harvested as a by-product of the meat. There is absolutely no live plucking. From the beginning, we have insisted that all of our partners throughout the supply chain share our commitment to responsible and sustainable husbandry and harvesting practices – without exception.
  • The processing and treating of down and feathers are skills that have been finely honed, and passed along through our family from one generation to the next. Our RestAssured™ cleaning and sterilizing process is among the most sophisticated in the world. Through constant in-house and third party testing, we exceed government standards for hypoallergenic cleanliness.
  • Before being shipped to our garment factory customers, every lot of sterilized down is tested both in house and by an independent lab to ensure it’s up to our rigorous quality standards. Each bag of down is carefully tagged and lot tracked to ensure the custody and integrity of the supply chain is maintained throughout the entire process.

Where Did My Down Come From? Find Out:

  • Use our Down-Trac system. Find out by going here.

Our Partners:

  • DOWNLITE is a trusted partner to Patagonia - with a true focus on quality, integrity, and innovation. - Doug Freeman - Patagonia

We've Taken one of nature's best insulators - and made it even better.


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