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DOWNLITE Indiana Pillow Plant

What We Do Here
This facility was opened in 2006 and is on track to make a million pillows for our retail and hospitality partners. Combining the newest in high performance synthetic pillow plant equipment and dozens of years of expeienced team associtates. A small town wonder that was left barren for a few years after one of our competitors went off shore and turned their back on domestic production. DOWNLITE was pleased to reopen this facility in 2006 to the fanfare of the local town that it partners with.

Learn more about the Liebhardt Plant and its history.

- Middletown News: Liebhardt Plant re-opens, Jan 25, 2007 [ Read ]

Human Resources
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General Contact Information
8984 West State Road 236
Middletown, IN 47356
F: 513.229.6382